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Parents who don’t know about the Early Signs of autism in Children

It’s seem to simple but do not ignore them for the future of your childs

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In 21st century, the number of childhood autism has been constantly increasing, but it’s seem that: the parents don’t pay attention to signs for prevention.

In addition, parents often think that: taking care of child with luxury life is more essential than emotional concern

Here are some signs prove that a child start getting the autism that parents need to know to be able to cure in time.

4.Consistent fussiness or screaming in Public Places

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5.Pouring drinks back and forth

Simple habits such as : hand flapping, avoiding eye contact, …are also signs of depression in children.

6.Excessive biting or aggressiveness

7.Lacks response to voice/verbal commands

8.Avoids eye contact

9.Lack of speech and communication

10.Problems with Food/Textures/Clothing

if these signs prolonged, promptly take your child to the hospital for checking, preferably with a psychiatrist and spend more time with the child.

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