The Real Reason They Hate Trump

very big U.S. election is interesting, but the coming midterms are fascinating for a reason most commentators forget to mention: The Democrats have no issues. The economy is booming and America’s international position is strong. In foreign affairs, the U.S. has remembered in the nick of time what Machiavelli advised princes five centuries ago: Don’t […]

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Colorado to Provide Food and Housing for the Homeless

The debate about the legalization of marijuana has been prevalent in North American culture for over 50 years. The decision by the state of Colorado in October 2014 to legalize marijuana for recreational use was seen a revolutionary by those on both sides of the divide. Colorado and Marijuana Since that decision was made nearly four years […]


Congress just quietly passed a law that could spark a boom for the $1 billion marijuana-linked CBD industry.become legal to grow in all 50 States

This week, a plant that’s nearly identical to marijuana is set to become legal to grow in the US. Thanks to the US Farm Bill, which the House passed on Wednesday in a 369 to 47 vote, American farmers will be able to plant and harvest hemp, a strain of the same plant species from […]


Best Kitchen Designs and Color Tips for Interior Decor

Color is just as important as furnishings when telling a design story and perfecting a space, even in a room as functional as a kitchen. Choosing the right shade, whether it’s for walls or cabinetry, is as essential as selecting the perfect backsplash and appliances. We spoke with a diverse group of designers about their tips […]

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13 Supplements That May Help Fibromyalgia

There are different supplements that have a role in the treatment of Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Supplements can help correct nutritional deficiencies, reduce pain and inflammation, increase your energy and help you get a good night’s sleep Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids provide the building blocks you need to get well and stay well. […]


Pediatricians Call For Universal Depression Screening For Teens

Only about 50 percent of adolescents with depression get diagnosed before reaching adulthood. And as many as 2 in 3 depressed teens don’t get the care that could help them. “It’s a huge problem,” says Dr. Rachel Zuckerbrot, a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and associate professor at Columbia University. To address this divide, the […]


This Breathing Exercise Can Alleviate Depression or Anxiety Almost Immediately

This Breathing Exercise Can Calm You Down in a Few Minutes “It’s totally private. Nobody knows you’re doing it.” Although venture capitalist and author Scott Amyx has given speeches before thousands of people at companies and organizations around the world, he’s often filled with anxiety before he goes onstage. To calm himself but also keep […]

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Your Fibromyalgia may be the Cause of Occipital Neuralgia

One of the worst things about fibromyalgia, besides the chronic pain and fatigue, has to be the way that people who suffer from fibromyalgia are at risk of so many other conditions like autoimmune diseases and especially, chronic headaches. It’s estimated that up to forty percent of people with fibromyalgia suffer from migraines or some […]

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White Blood Cells Test Can Detect Fibromyalgia: New Findings

Suffering from fibromyalgia means dealing with pain, sleep disturbances, depression, and thinking and memory problems. Just as hard can be the skepticism from friends, family and the medical community who doubt the validity of the disease itself. Little-understood and often misdiagnosed, fibromyalgia affects about 2 percent of the population, according to the Centers for Disease […]

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Workout Stay Fit and Beat your Fibromyalgia

Best Exercises for Fibromyalgia Get active Walk Heat Stretch Lift lightly Fibro fitness can reduce pain Fibromyalgia causes chronic body pain. The constant muscle and tissue tenderness can also lead to sleep problems. Shooting pains that may be quite severe originate from parts of your body known as “tender points.” The painful areas can include […]